Light Up Toilet and Ottoman in One

Step 1: Build an enclosure for your portable toilet. The 2.6 gallon Camco is a nice size for this.


Step 2: Add orange LEDs with a switch and 9V battery pack.



Step 3: Using a piano hinge, install a lid with a cushion on top for a comfortable place to sit or rest your feet.

Money saving tip: Using the EZ Cool insulation leftover from your van build, cut out 3 or 4 squares to make the cushion.


Step 4: A gas strut gives the lid a nice touch. It makes it easier to open as well as a stop so the lid stays up and out of the way


Step 5: Close the lid and you now have an ottoman and an easy place to store your toilet with nobody even knowing what’s inside.

More details from this vanlifehack at

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