Don’t Lose That Perfect Camp or Parking Spot

Ever find that one epic camping or parking spot that you don’t want to lose when going into town for dinner or a beer? We recently picked up one of those Xiaomi Mi electric scooters as they rent on the CA beaches. They fold and collapse and are really easy to carry at just 26 lbs. This thing is awesome! We tried the rentals out in November and rode them for days. They are so much fun.


You can easily fit a couple (or few) in your van (or even the trunk of a car). Just park or set up camp, then zip into town on the scooters. The range is 18 miles and it goes 15.5 mph. They list for around $600 on Amazon, but the price drops frequently. As of May 24, 2019, the price dropped to a record low of just $399.

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