Latest Hacks

More Battery. Less Weight!

As a van lifer, you know how important it is to have a good battery for things like running your refrigerator, vent fan, and lights. Batteries can be very expensive to replace every few years. Luckily technology has caught up … Read More

Spice Rack Organizer for the Van

Very nice kitchen #vanlifehacks & organization by @drivingandskiving Everything in its place 👌 After years of living out of tubs in the van, having a properly organized kitchen has made a massive difference. We’ve tried to make the most of every bit … Read More

Swivel Table and Console

Surface space can be such a luxury. T. Moore on IG, timberwolf.moore, built a super nice multiple mode swivel table to add a desk/ eating space as well as an added armrest or console surface while driving. The table is … Read More

Adding Threads and Tie Down Hooks

Rivnuts make life so much easier allowing you to install threads anywhere you need them.  For example, these L track mounts bolt right up.   Step 1: Mark &  Drill the Hole. Using a center punch, mark your hole so … Read More

DIY Reversible Window Covers for Vanlife

Reflective by day to keep the sun out or black at night for privacy. Vanlifehack by @cali_the_campervan Step 1) Pick up some Reflectix or EZ-Cool from your local Home Depot or Lowes or online. Amazon has the best prices. Step 2) Cut out … Read More

Turn Any Water Jug Into a Lantern

Leave your bulky lantern at home on trips when you want to save space. Most of the time you always have a jug of water and a headlamp or flashlight. Just strap the light to the jug and the water disperses … Read More