Adding Threads and Tie Down Hooks

Rivnuts make life so much easier allowing you to install threads anywhere you need them.  For example, these L track mounts bolt right up.


Step 1: Mark &  Drill the Hole.

Using a center punch, mark your hole so your drill bit doesn’t walk. Then drill out a 23/64″ hole.

Step 2: Prime the Hole & Install your Rivnut

First, prime the hole with some paint to prevent any rust from forming. Then install your rivnut. Some people use 1/4-20, some use M6 size, but they are both very similar in size and work for the fasteners needed to fit with the L track hook and mounts. Using an Astro rivnut tool, attach the rivnut to the end, stick it in the hole and compress it. Walla! You have threads!


Step 3: Bolt up the anchor

Bolt up the anchor plate with some nice stainless hardware. Then simply add an L track hook to hang or mount whatever it is you want to put there.


The same applies to L track strips! Rear doors are a great place to hang stuff out of the way.


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